At Smartinvest, portfolio construction is an ongoing process to ensure our clients’ needs are carefully aligned with the constantly changing market environment.

Smartinvest Capital, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor that provides portfolio management services to individuals, families, and institutions.  The Investment Team brings over three decades of experience in wealth management and financial services.

At Smartinvest, portfolio construction is an ongoing process where clients’ needs are constantly reviewed to make sure that they are aligned to the changing market conditions. Portfolios are primarily managed by optimizing allocations using a combination of ETF strategies, fixed income, and selected alternative investments.

Our team is committed to providing excellent client service and utilizes a consistent investment management strategy. We believe this approach has enabled us to develop a strong client base in the US, Latin America and Europe.

Smartinvest Capital, LLC was founded in 2010 and our offices are located in Miami, Florida.

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